Residential Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

Affordable Care and Reliable Mowing, Trimming and Clean Up

Let Hens Mowing and Landscaping cut your grass and save you time so that you can enjoy the three-season lawn growing time in northwest Ohio

Residential Lawn Care

Improve the appearance of your home or business with professional, superior lawn-care services from Hens Mowing and Landscaping to keep your properties well-maintained and attractive. Regardless of the complexity of the job, our team is committed to providing personal planning to each customer by helping them do whatever we can to exceed their landscaping expectations.

Hens Mowing and Landscaping can help you achieve a weed-free, lush lawn. Our residential lawn care services provide healthy soil which encourages robust root systems while being tree and environmentally friendly. We provide the following lawn care services:

Lawn Cutting

No need to take time out of your busy schedule each week to mow your lawn. Hens Mowing and Lawncare will provide professional lawn-mowing services weekly to keep it perfectly trimmed.

Weed and Pest Control

We use products to eradicate unsightly weeds, grubs and other insects that will damage your lawn or turf very quickly. We only spray weed and pest control where needed. This service will control the insects and weeds and prevent damage to your lawn. This reduces the amount of chemical used creating a safer yard for your kids, pets, and plants. Combined with a custom fertilization plan, it maintains a dense, healthy, turf which minimizes weed growth.

Although, there are plenty of lawn insect and disease chemical products and on-line guides available for do-it-yourself efforts, knowing the right information for your situation may not be readily apparent. Also, the handling chemical products not only puts your own health at risk but also those of your family and pets.

What to Expect from Our Lawn Disease Control Service

Patches, rings, or thinning grass could indicate a lawn disease or insect problem.  Many of these diseases and insect problems have very similar appearances. Hens Mowing and Landscaping will correctly diagnose your lawn or insect problem and plan a carefully formulated program to target your lawn’s needs and offer a preventative treatment or a curative treatment to improve the health of your lawn.


We provide a customized fertilization package based on the health of your lawn with or without liquid weed control, centered around what is needed to improve the health of your lawn. We offer many seeding choices that will help promote a thick, dense lawn that will impede weed growth. Our slow-releasing granular fertilizers produce a vigorous, lush, green lawn.


Through Over-seeding it will allow for improved thickness and density of your lawn. Over-seeding establishes a healthy lawn and omits the high costs of sodding and reduces the inconsistent results of traditional seeding by providing a stable combination of fertilizer, seed, hydromulch, and water in a customized blend based on your lawn’s color, soil conditions, sun exposure and traffic patterns.


Core aeration is a process in which soil plugs are removed from turf, helping to open the soil and allowing for increased effectiveness of air, water, and fertilizer. This is one of the most beneficial practices for improving the health of a lawn. Broadcast over-seeding is commonly recommended in conjunction with aeration and it is one of the more important services for the overall health of your lawn. Aeration is also an important part of a successful pest management plan and is vital for a successful pesticide and herbicide-free fertilizer package.

Get the healthy, lush lawn you desire, call Hens Mowing and Landscaping today.